Christmas Together (TV Movie 2020)

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Christmas Together: Directed by David DeCoteau. With Vivica A. Fox, Anna Marie Dobbins, Marc Herrmann, Rylie Coe. A woman leaves New York for LA after a break-up and falls in love while renting the guest house of a young father.

“Biggest problem is the actor cast as the male lead and father of the young daughter. He looks like heu0026#39;s 24, which is problematic with an 11 year old daughter. Why did they cast him in this role? Ridiculous. As someone else noted, he doesnu0026#39;t act affectionate with his daughter. Zero chemistry. Female lead does a much better job, as does the actress playing the daughter. Iu0026#39;m no head of casting, but I could have done way better in creating a father that the audience would accept. Iu0026#39;m all for other networks doing Christmas movies (Hallmark re-uses the same actors too many times), but if youu0026#39;re gonna dip your toe into the romance genre, get your casting right. Actually, as I think of it, why not write the story with the male lead as her older brother, struggling to raise his younger sister on his own. Easy fix and a compelling backstory that would intrigue the female lead and the audience. Holy cow, I think I just came up with a new career for myself. Head of casting or executive producer? Hmm. I couldnu0026#39;t do worse than whoever did this.”


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