Boarding School (2018)

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Boarding School: Directed by Boaz Yakin. With Luke Prael, Samantha Mathis, David Aaron Baker, Michael Wikes. A young boy becomes fascinated with the persona of his dead grandmother and is sent to an isolated boarding school for misfits run by a mysterious headmaster and his wife.

“In order to watch this movie, you have to have watched the mini drama first!! I guess you can watch it without having watched the drama, but it wonu0026#39;t have the same impact and there is a possibility youu0026#39;ll get confused. Other than that, the story is so so again on this one. At least the boys are fewer and the relationships clearer. The brother sister relationship was awkward. But at least we had a happy ending. The chemistry between the main couple was good as well. So 4 out of 10.”


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