Parasyte (2014)

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Parasyte: Directed by Takashi Yamazaki. With Shôta Sometani, Eri Fukatsu, Ai Hashimoto, Kazuki Kitamura. The humanity is suffering from murders all over the globe, called “Mincemeat murders”. High school student, Izumi Shinichi has a parasite living off him, having replaced his right hand, and he might be the discoverer of truth.

“Itu0026#39;s known that anime live action films are usually terrible. They tend to draw the u0026quot;Bu0026quot; and u0026quot;Cu0026quot; actors and are cheesy as hell. So much so that I hardly ever attempt to watch them. This is probably the best adaptation Iu0026#39;ve ever seen. The effects are great. It has the same voice for Migi as in the English dub anime. The story follows the anime pretty closely for time allotment. If you are a Parasyte: The Maxim fan, then you should enjoy this film.”


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