La Leyenda del Tesoro (2011)

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La Leyenda del Tesoro: Directed by Hugo Rodríguez. With Adrian Alonso, Mauricio Kuri, Juan Carlos Olalde, Ricardo Polanco. Erik is a twelve year old boy whose passion revolves between his lovely friend, Andrea and a master’s skill for skateboarding. His family has financial troubles and is about to loose the family business. Erik, himself has his share of problems when the local gang tries to make him a part of their deals. Erik can take care of himself, but not Omar, Andrea’s kid brother, who becomes the target of the day for the gang… Erik can’t help but save the day to impress Andrea, but while at it ends up with Deik, the leader following them into a dark warehouse. In it, the kids have a curious encounter of sorts when they come upon a murder. Nathan, a sacred art dealer, has just killed Cliserio, a historian, in order to rob a map that promises to lead him to Hidalgo’s lost treasure. But before Cliserio expires, he manages to rip the map and his half end up in Erik’s backpack. Nathan has seen the kids and he knows that they have his other half of the map… This is the introduction to an adventure, where the kids elope to Guanajuato, first to run from Deik, secondly to find an uncle and help Erik’s family and later, after realizing what’s on the map, to hunt Nathan’s dear treasure. They will be followed by Deik’s gang, by a mean Nathan and his scorpions, and ultimately by the police. And they will save the day… by finding the gold and earning a huge reward for turning Nathan in to the Mexican Police Department.

“If you want none stop action from start to finish then this is definitely a film for you. The characters are likable with lots of familiar faces throughout. Loved the special effects and the soundtrack is brilliant as it matches the style of filming (itu0026#39;s one that Iu0026#39;ll be adding to my collection).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eItu0026#39;s a real shame people slated this film before itu0026#39;s proper release…. pop to your local cinema and judge for yourself and I think you will be pleasantly surprised!”


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