A Christmas Switch (TV Movie 2018)

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A Christmas Switch: Directed by Brian Herzlinger. With Jackie Seiden, Ashley Wood Garcia, Houston Rhines, John Patrick Jordan. Two women magically switch bodies during the holidays and learn valuable lessons about family, love and Christmas cheer.

“The actresses look too similar and it took away from the already predictable and regurgitated plot. But what really took me by surprise was that we are suppose to believe that the actress singing actually sounds good. The singing was awful. It was strained and forced and not enjoyable at all. It actually made me wince when she tried to hit those high notes. I honestly couldnu0026#39;t believe it. But I give the actress credit for her confidence. She really thinks she can sing and acts like it. Overall, itu0026#39;s the mindless Christmas movie you turn on while doing other things.”


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