Blast Heroes (1984)

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Blast Heroes: Directed by John Woo. With Eddy Ko, Ching-Ying Lam, Philippe Loffredo, Cécile Le Bailly. The Thai government hires a group of Chinese mercenaries to capture a powerful drug lord from the Golden Triangle. The mercenaries manage to capture the drug lord, but soon find themselves pursued by his forces, and the forces of a bitter Thai officer. The Chinese mercenaries are vastly outnumbered, and as their numbers begin to dwindle, their desperation pulls them into a corner as their enemies close in on them.

“The 1980s were the decade when the Americans produced lots of patriotic action films like u0026quot;Rambo 1-3u0026quot; or u0026quot;The Delta Forceu0026quot;-series, for example. Now, John Woo´s version of a mercenary-movie is quite different: of course, there are lots of heavy gunfights and giant explosions, however without being too one-dimensional as the US-movies are! The fast-paced plot is improved by well-developed characters, typical Asian humor and allusions to father and son, friendship and honour without being too pathetic in any way! Maybe not John Woo´s best, but still an action movie far above average!!”


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