Godzilla – Kampf der Sauriermutanten (1992)

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Godzilla – Kampf der Sauriermutanten: Directed by Takao Okawara. With Tetsuya Bessho, Satomi Kobayashi, Takehiro Murata, Saburô Shinoda. Japan is caught in the middle of a three way battle between Godzilla, the divine Mothra, and her dark counterpart Battra.

“A meteorite falls from the sky into the u0026quot;Ogasawara Trenchu0026quot; in the Pacific Ocean. It awakens Godzilla, and Battra ( a sea going monster with a huge horn in itsu0026#39; forehead, and spikes for skin). The meteorite inspires an atoll to pop up and expand into an island. Cut to an Indiana Jones wanna-be, who is busily robbing an ancient tomb somewhere in Indonesia. After he gets the relic he wants, and escapes from the trap his thievery sets off, heu0026#39;s caught by government men and jailed. After being freed from jail by a company that wants his relic, He and his ex-wife, who works for the company, go to the new island, u0026quot;Infant Islandu0026quot;. There they find a giant, multi-hued egg, and discover mini twins, (theyu0026#39;re called The Cosmos in this movie) who live in a flower, and will translate the various noises the Monsters make. A ship is hired to take the Egg back to Tokyo. It Hatches on the way back And thatu0026#39;s just the first fifteen minutes. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eLetu0026#39;s see – The Cosmos sing four songs to Mothra, in untranslated Japanese; Battrau0026#39;s red eyes shoot red lasers, which kill everything they touch; Godzilla shoots blue lasers from his mouth that make things explode, and which whitens his teeth ( he ought to patent that); and Mothra shoots white..stuff that forms a cocoon for him when heu0026#39;s ready to evolve, or which immobilizes his enemies. When Battra and Mothra have morphed into their flying forms, they are actually beautiful ( as long as the camera doesnu0026#39;t get too close). Nagoya (sp?), Tokyo , and Yokohama get stomped in this one.”


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