Wrongfully Accused (TV Movie 2019)

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Wrongfully Accused: Directed by Michael Feifer. With AnnaLynne McCord, Kate Vernon, Philip Boyd, Jay Pickett. Liz wakes up in Hawaii on her 10th anniversary and finds her husband is dead and she has been accused of his murder. She finds the only way to prove herself innocent is investigate on her own despite all obstacles.

“I´m giving this 5 stars because I find it underrated, however, it´s only because it´s so bad it´s great! I got thrills from the bad writing and chills from the bad acting. Someone went above and beyond to make this movie absolutely ridiculous (but everyone looks beautiful and the lighting and camera work is top notch). It´s about a woman who gets accused, arrested and prosecuted for killing her husband without any evidence, motive or investigation. And she´s supposed to be a former attorney/d.a who hasn´t worked in 10 years (Annalynne looks much too young for this to be possible) and has forgotten, along with all the other characters in the movie, how the law regarding everything works. It´s all pretty funny but it´s also scary if the people who made it were trying to be serious. But for the lifetime fan who knows all the cliches and expects to be entertained by something other than great and thrilling film-making, this is the perfect little gem. The ending (or last half hour more like) will make you cringe beyond anything you could imagine (don´t judge, some of us are into that).”


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