Blue in the Face – Alles blauer Dunst (1995)

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Blue in the Face – Alles blauer Dunst: Directed by Paul Auster, Wayne Wang, Harvey Wang. With Lou Reed, Michael J. Fox, Roseanne Barr, Mel Gorham. Brooklyn Cigar Store is a neighborhood hangout in Brooklyn with Auggie Wren/H.Keitel as center. Some people are interviewed about Brooklyn, spiced up with statistics on Brooklyn.

“Blue in the face might be boring to many because it doesnu0026#39;t follow a standard hollywood paradigm of rising action, climax, resolve. It is more documentary style, although fictitious, and quickly jumps from story to story and character to character. The editing is an interesting component because it successfully brings together disparate themes and characters (who are improvising their lines and stories to some degree). This and some fantastical elements provide a very romanticized view of Brooklyn. Altogether a cohesive piece with some nice performances and some insight into what it is to growup and live in a special loved place.”


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