Fukushû suru wa ware ni ari (1979)

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Fukushû suru wa ware ni ari: Directed by Shohei Imamura. With Ken Ogata, Rentarô Mikuni, Chôchô Miyako, Mitsuko Baishô. Chronological exploits of Iwao Enokizu, a murderous thief on the run.

“I think this movie is an all around tour-de-force depiction of a sociopath. All aspects of this movie are superb. The main actor gives a truly chilling and convincing portrayal of a man with no conscience, at the same time giving his character great depth and complexity. Aside from being based on true events, this cold blooded murderer is much more realistic than the clever game-playing types portrayed in such films as u0026quot;Silence of the Lambsu0026quot;. I would highly recommend this movie to all but the squeamish.”


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