Embattled (2020)

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Embattled: Directed by Nick Sarkisov. With Drew Starkey, Elizabeth Reaser, Stephen Dorff, Drew Scheid. A son aspires to follow in his famous MMA father’s footsteps, but along his journey must figure out how to break the abusive cycle, if possible, that his father has continued.

“Lots of fun – I saw it with the grandkids and a theater full of families. a great time was had by all. technically speaking, one might say that the story was u0026#39;unevenu0026#39; in places (can you say *that* about animated films? (-:) — I mention this because there has been some needlessly negative feedback here at IMDb. On the whole, though, the presentation is quick-paced, bright, happy, and delightful to the eyes and ears. There are also some unique, quirky scenes (i.e. animals nonchalantly getting on a subway?) – I love to see stuff I havenu0026#39;t seen before. thatu0026#39;s not easy to do, you know – by all accounts, u0026quot;everything has been done on film already..u0026quot; – (if you catch my drift). so, give credit when due! enjoy!(-:”


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