Harold, der Pechvogel (1927)

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Harold, der Pechvogel: Directed by Ted Wilde, Harold Lloyd, Lewis Milestone, J.A. Howe. With Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Walter James, Leo Willis. A sheriff’s milquetoast son has a chance to prove himself when a medicine show run by con artists comes into town.

“While this is not one of Lloydu0026#39;s most famous films, It is certainly one of his best. You can look through countless numbers of comedy films (The Gold Rush and The General included)and you will struggle to see better timing than that on display here. That is not a put down to those two classic comedies it is only a testament to the timing of Lloyd, Who was certainly on a par with Chaplin and Keaton. In this movie he plays the weakling in a family with two strapping brothers and a large hard to please father. Always put upon Harold has to capture a villain by himself to gain the respect of his father and brothers, And win the heart of his fair maiden. The amount of sight gags crammed into this 80 minutes is incredible, and the timing is as I said earlier is absolutely perfect.”


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