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Shanks: Directed by William Castle. With Marcel Marceau, Tsilla Chelton, Philippe Clay, Cindy Eilbacher. A mute puppeteer uses a deceased scientist’s invention to control dead bodies like puppets.

“I am sure the cult followers of this film will not like my review, but thatu0026#39;s partly what makes this film a cult classic–either you like it or you donu0026#39;t. Even with nothing else to do on a late Friday night, and a stiff drink, a bag of chips, and the need to escape from the cares of the week, I found myself flipping to other channels during the painfully slow segments of this film. The (un)editing and overall incredibly slow flow of this story made it a struggle to stay tuned in. If properly edited, it could have easily been a half-hour u0026quot;Tales from the Dark Side.u0026quot; In fact, the quality of the shots and lighting made me convinced that it was a made-for-TV film.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAll that said, itu0026#39;s interesting to see the movie once, as if it was assigned in a u0026quot;70s film appreciationu0026quot; class. But be prepared with something else to do–like sorting receipts for taxes, or playing solitaire.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eYou may find yourself yelling at the screen–u0026quot;How many times does the editor have to cut back to his face? Weu0026#39;ve got the point! Now move on with the action!!!u0026quot; and, u0026quot;could he walk down that hallway any slower???u0026quot; My favorite part of the movie was watching the great body movement of the actors who played the re-animated zombies. And itu0026#39;s funny that Marcel was NOT the best one of these!”


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