Psychedelische Abenteuer: Have a good trip! (2020)

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Psychedelische Abenteuer: Have a good trip!: Directed by Donick Cary. With Nick Offerman, Sting, ASAP Rocky, Bill Kreutzmann. Mixing comedy with a thorough investigation of psychedelics, ‘Have a Good Trip’ explores the pros, cons, science, history, future, pop cultural impact, and cosmic possibilities of hallucinogens.

“I have loved and used psychedelics for 30 years. I have never been a u0026quot;major tripperu0026quot;, the title reserved for those people that do u0026quot;heroicu0026quot; doses of psychotropic substances. This was a fun first step that America and the UK needs to bring a mature, responsible attitude towards a subject that has had major effects on human consciousness for 10,000 years. Including psychedelics in the failed u0026quot;war on drugsu0026quot; has not benefitted anyone.nSting is incorrect that peyote, or any hallucinogen, contains strychnine. This is an old myth that has been kicked around for 50 years. It is refreshing in our celebrity worshipping culture to realize that u0026quot;starsu0026quot; are just as misinformed, fearful, fun, cowardly, silly, inspiring, incorrect, woo woo, and adventurous as any segment of the population.nRosie Perez was very candid and remembers the joy, intelligence, and wonder that psychonauts seek. Ben Stiller is a dud, and leaves a cynical taste for the audience and for commercial comedy. There are many gems here, and for virgins seeking the u0026quot;experienceu0026quot;, this flick can have a comforting and positive influence.”


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