Mad Ship (2013)

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Mad Ship: Directed by David Mortin. With Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Gil Bellows, Line Verndal, Gage Munroe. A poor young Scandinavian immigrant couple winds up in Canada in search of prosperity, but the hardship of the Great Depression takes a toll in a way they never feared when they went in search of the dream.

“Fundamental life lessons abound in this very well done film. Many of the foundations of modern American society were still being defined during this time. Created by and for banks, the Dust Bowl Days of the 1930u0026#39;s helped to define just how much power over our own destinies we were willing to give away and the consequences for doing it. But some things are today, very much as they were back then. Not a lot has changed in many respects and this film should serve as a reminder of just how easily lives can be torn apart. One last thing, the ending couldnu0026#39;t have been done any better! Very nice. But an even more appropriate title for this film might have been, u0026#39;Stolen Harvest.u0026#39;”


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