Der Hund bleibt (2019)

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Der Hund bleibt: Directed by Yvan Attal. With Yvan Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eric Ruf, Pascale Arbillot. Henri is a middle-aged writer in crisis. Just at a time when he assesses of his life, an enormous gray dog, impolite and smelly, sneaks into Henri’s house.

“If you like french movies, you will like this one.nIt has a smart and funny dialog, mainly by the actor/director Yvan Attal.nHis wife (in the movie and in real life), actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, is a bit overly dramatic at the beginning but plays well the rest of the movie.nThe story in not plausible (a dog that settle at their home and likes to hump guys), but it did not bother me.nThe story is not original – a writer that has a writeru0026#39;s block and writes about his current situation; still, it interesting, how each chapter is about one of their kids or other family issues the writer experiences.nThe movie is a bit too long, feels a bit slow in the middle, but then, gets back on track.nGood acting; good cinematography; good direction = an enjoyable movie.”


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