Like Cats & Dogs (TV Movie 2017)

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Like Cats u0026 Dogs: Directed by Ron Oliver. With Cassidy Gifford, Wyatt Nash, Gwynyth Walsh, Jacky Lai. A reservation goes awry when two renters one with a dog and one with a cat must share a house.

“Lara (Cassidy Gifford) is a recent college graduate now working for her parentsu0026#39; accounting firm. Yet, she is not certain what her future goals are. Having recently been dumped by a boyfriend, she decides to go the Great Northwest and visit college friends. To further her own rest and relaxation, she rents a spectacular lake house. But, oh, horrors! As she is settling in, giving her dog Frank a home tour, another person slips in with HIS CAT MOZART. Handsome Spencer (Wyatt Nash) has rented the same house, with receipts to prove it so. He is finishing a doctoral dissertation and needs peace and quiet. Frank and Mozart take an instant dislike to each other, as do Lara and Spencer. What will they do? After contacting the rental agent, there are problems. There are no immediate houses to rent for the coming week and no other possible solutions. Thus, Lara and Spencer are stuck with each other for the next few. Lara likes taking photos of nature, eating pizza, dogs and loud pop music. In contrast, Spence likes classical turntables, health smoothies, cats and order. This could hardly produce a friendship, let alone a romance, right? Especially when Spencer already has a pretty but domineering galpal who calls constantly? Hallmark, thanks once again. Here is another sweet, funny romance for your gazillion fans. Gifford, daughter of Kathie Lee, is quite fun as the spunky Lara while Nash gives his best button-down, initially smug turn as Spencer. Naturally, animal lovers will also adore Frank and Mozart while sets, costumes, script and zesty direction contribute to an overall high level of satisfaction. Hallmark, as this viewer has stated before, is filling the romantic comedy void that Hollywood has abandoned. So, Hallmark, why not release some of these to the theater and give your fans a great watch on the big screen?”


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