Beyond the Sky (2018)

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Beyond the Sky: Directed by Fulvio Sestito. With Ryan Carnes, Jordan Danger, Claude Duhamel, Martin Sensmeier. While shooting a documentary to expose the lies of alien abductees, a provocative filmmaker and his crew encounter a young woman with a dark secret who leads them to uncover a disturbing truth.

“When Chris Norton (Ryan Carnes) was a boy, he witnessed an argument of his parents. His mother leaves the house, there is a power surge and she vanishes. His father Peter Norton (Peter Stormare) claims that she has been abducted by aliens. On the present days, Chris is a filmmaker that wants to expose the hoax about alien abduction that destroyed his family. He travels with his crew to New Mexico to interview people that claim that had been abducted by alien that participate in an alien exposition promoted by Bill Johnson (Don Stark). Chris and his camera Brent (Claude Duhamel) meet Emily Reed (Jordan Hinson), who claims that was abducted when she was seven and fourteen years old. She will be twenty-one on three days and Chris decides to stay with her. They fall in love with each other while strange things happen to Chris and Brent. What is the truth about alien abduction?u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eu0026quot;Beyond the Skyu0026quot; is an entertaining sci-fi-mystery film about alien abduction. The screenplay is well-written and the film is developed in adequate pace. Unfortunately the camera work is very poor and the hair of Jordan Hinson is awful. My vote is seven.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eTitle (Brazil): Not Available”


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