Darling Lili (1970)

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Darling Lili: Directed by Blake Edwards. With Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson, Jeremy Kemp, Lance Percival. Set during World War I, this movie is a cute spin on the Mata Hari legend.

“Julie and Blake deliver a real bomb {no pun intended}of a World War 1 musical with this sloppily made mega budget mess. Julieu0026#39;s voice is always a joy, but the music here is of the u0026quot;in one ear, out the otheru0026quot; variety. Hudson shows all the romantic magnetism of a buttered scone and his scenes with Julie hold about as much spark as my 1987 Yugo. The comic relief is painfully unfunny, the flying scenes ho hum {with most of the aircraft and even one of the stars, Jeremy Kemp, rehashed from u0026quot;The Blue Maxu0026quot;}and the whole experience just makes me glad that I saw this on free TV. Its a long way to Tipperary alright, this movie is closer to Verdun….”


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