Shakespeare School Year (2018)

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Shakespeare School Year: Directed by Dave Moody. With Christina Cupo, Celeste Kellogg. A first year college student forms a music club in an abandoned theater, putting on a modern day version of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” to raise money for a local homeless man.

“Unlike Barbara Billingsly in u0026quot;Airplane!u0026quot; I donu0026#39;t speaku0026quot;Jiveu0026quot; so I had to keep rewinding to understand some of the dialog between the pimps. The do or die of series like this is character development so it takes more than one episode to see that.The first episode of GoT gave you no clue as to what was in store. Jaimie Lannister alone took several seasons to fully develop. The one thing you do see is the amazing sets and scenes that teleport you back to 1971. Where did they get so many huge smog belching American cars? The panoramic shots of NY streets had to cost a truckload of money. If the actual storyline comes close to the effort put into the visuals we might be in for a wild ride.”


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