Casanova (2005)

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Casanova: Directed by Lasse Hallström. With Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons, Oliver Platt. The fabled romantic Giacomo Casanova, after failing to win the affection of the Venetian woman Francesca Bruni, strives to discover the real meaning of love.

“…why this movie wasnu0026#39;t (a) marketed right in the first place, (b) isnu0026#39;t being re-released right now!? u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eTrust me, as someone who works in this industry, Iu0026#39;m darn picky about what I like…but I liked this, despite wincing over the many historical inaccuracies and liberties taken with authentic language of the time – u0026#39;Casanovau0026#39; is such a fun, feel-good romp, it charmed me into turning a blind eye and deaf ear and chalking all that up to necessary u0026#39;poetic licenceu0026#39;! The cast is fabulous, the late Heath Ledger is at his charismatic best…and BECAUSE heu0026#39;s no longer with us makes re-releasing it u0026#39;rightu0026#39; this time around a u0026#39;no-braineru0026#39;, so far as I can see (for example; why it made itu0026#39;s Stateside debut on Christmas day baffles me completely – unless it was intended for Academy Award inclusion?). Clearly, this was/should have been a Summer dating flick…for both the typical dating demographic (= late teens/early twenties) AS WELL AS u0026#39;baby-boomersu0026#39;, who will appreciate the fine acting performances from the likes of Jeremy Irons, Oliver Platt and Lena Olin, as well as enjoy the witty banter. It needs to be promoted as the u0026#39;period rompu0026#39;/romantic comedy it IS, without being depicted as simply stupid (e.g. without excessive trailer cameos of characters falling off gondolas into the canals and/or slipping on bananas, etc!). The right trailer, the right time of year, the right riding-on-Heathu0026#39;s-sadly-gone-forever-coat-tails PR push, and this movie could be a u0026#39;sleeper hitu0026#39; yet!”


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