The Survival Game (Video 2012)

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The Survival Game: Directed by Mike Corkle. With Konrad Case, Robin Zamora, Mischa McCortney, Stephanie Barone. When a mike and his friends got abducted while on camping in a forest in order to retrieve a tracking device by bunch of crooks which they misplaced somewhere in the jungle.

“I thought this movie was watchable.. I have watched it at least 3 times and something new pops up every time that I did not catch before. Set it the back woods of Nebraska with stunning cinema photography and OK acting by the 2 leads and sexual tension with the 2 supporting good guys.. The bad guys where believable.. The ending is unexpected so that gives it a pop.. Although the beginning of the film is slow, it picks up near the middle.. Non stop action and mystery with the geocache theme added in with great special effects. Its not a family film for kids, but enjoyable for adults . I donu0026#39;t want to give any spoilers away here so go see it for yourself.”


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