Childhood 2.0 (2020)

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Childhood 2.0: Directed by Robert Muratore, Jamin Winans, Kiowa K. Winans. With Skyler Sledge, Shauna Sledge, Avi Khanna, Isabella Smouse. The mental health of our children is statistically at an all-time low. Kids spend more time online and less engaging in real life, free play and autonomy. Childhood was more or less unchanged for a millennia, this is Childhood 2.0.

“This documentary was very informative and moving! I had no idea how many dangers children face on apps and their devices. We did not grow up with technologies that our kids are and we do not use our device the way they do. Parents arenu0026#39;t at fault for not knowing the risk and dangers- they just need to be educated and that is exactly what this documentary does! Every parents should be required to watch this before giving their kids a device so that they know exactly what their kids are getting into and guide them appropriately!”


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