Tai ji 2: Ying xiong jue qi (2012)

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Tai ji 2: Ying xiong jue qi: Directed by Stephen Fung. With Xiaochao Yuan, Shu Qi, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Angelababy. Yang Luchan marries the Chen style kung fu grand master’s daughter in Chen village in 1800s China, so he can learn Chen style kung fu/tai chi. The deputy governor wants the village.

“(1.) Great location – the type of natural carved canyon that makes the film a visual pleasure just on that alone. (2.) Great sets/props – the usual beautiful, authentic intricate carving and crafting found in Chinese epic films; often at full (and I mean full) scale. (3.) Great story line – bringing us a bit of the history of Tai Chi as it relates to Kung fu. (4.) Great contemporary tie ins – some classical pop music; then some metal or rock; then some computer game animations. A good spoofing, at times, of the martial arts genre e.g. with the fruits and veggies or when the moves were following the cooking style of each meal. Great steampunk tie in – why not. Great da Vinci tie in with regards to his design and innovations e.g. the flying machine. (5.) Great wire acts and martial arts – imaginative wire routines with Tai chi juxtaposed to Kung fu movements; nothing ridiculous just to fill space but instead used to educate as to the philosophy and aesthetic of the movements. (6.) Great acting -yet nuanced, understated performances in keeping with Tai chi philosophy.”


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