Die bunte Seite des Monds (2020)

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Die bunte Seite des Monds: Directed by Glen Keane, John Kahrs. With Glen Keane, Brycen Hall, Ruthie Ann Miles, John Cho. In this animated musical, a girl builds a rocket ship and blasts off, hoping to meet a mythical moon goddess.

“The animation starts really well. The animation, although not as impressive as Disney or Pixar, was still really beautiful. The setting for the story really draws you in. The characters are likable. Up until the point of FeiFeiu0026#39;s journey to the moon. The setting is just awful to look at. The whole popstar Changu0026#39;e thing was just awful. Why was it there? I donu0026#39;t know, but it was completely unnecessary and jarring. Speaking of the songs in this movie – they are just not memorable. Again it just reminds you how much better Disney is at creating musical pieces which grip you and stay with you. Perhaps it would have been better to just leave out the singing. Especially the pop numbers. From that moment on the characters become kind of bland and lose me. Their motivations are questionable. The pacing is all over the place. I just couldnu0026#39;t wait fir the whole thing to end. It could have been a great movie but itu0026#39;s like they run out o steam mid writing and animating and it just turned into awfulness. Iu0026#39;d rate it between 4-5. Gave it 5 stars for the strong introduction to the story.”


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