HottieBoombaLottie (2008)

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HottieBoombaLottie: Directed by Seth Packard. With Seth Packard, Lauren McKnight, Matthew Webb, Shay Williamson. Cheerfully clueless and unexpectedly charming Ethan attempts to win the heart of high school hottie Madison Sweet, only to find himself in competition with his own brother.

“It is a modern comedy for teens and young adults. The characters are likable and unique. They are put through unexplainable situations which cause the viewer to laugh, think, and appreciate the creativity and originality of the story. The camera work and lighting are good and fresh. The music is original and it sets the mood. The story is great! It appears to have meaningful and insightful symbolism with too many small details and jokes to keep track of. I laughed out loud for nearly the entire time. In the end it makes me want to see more from this director and these actors. It is all that I could currently ask for in a comedy. It baffles me that this film isnu0026#39;t a known hit.”


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