Ein Satansbraten ist verliebt (TV Movie 1995)

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Ein Satansbraten ist verliebt: Directed by Greg Beeman. With William Katt, Justin Chapman, Sherman Howard, Carolyn Lowery. Junior Healy is back as a preteen, and he falls in love with a girl from school.

“I didnu0026#39;t think the movie industry would have to sink that low but it did. The only difference with this movie is that people actually know it is a bad movie. I just donu0026#39;t understand society when they can make a movie like this that has such little caliber. The acting is lack for a better word: atrocious. I think even saying it is atrocious is being nice. Junior is now growing up and now hitting puberty is even worse. God, couldnu0026#39;t they have at least came up with a more intriguing plot than the others. I could hear them talking in about this movieu0026#39;s plot. u0026quot;Instead of having Ben find a woman lets put Junior at puberty and have him try to find a girl but also have Ben still try to find a girl! What a twist to the series, I am a genius!u0026quot; Nice try, but i donu0026#39;t buy a love plot with a 10 year old.”


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