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Goemon: Directed by Kazuaki Kiriya. With Yôsuke Eguchi, Takao Osawa, Ryôko Hirosue, Jun Kaname. Based on a Japanese folk legend that echoes the tale of Robin Hood, this ninja thriller follows the exploits of Goemon Ishikawa (Yôsuke Eguchi), who leaves his fighting clan after its chief is murdered and uses his skills as a thief to help the poor. But after learning the identity of his leader’s killer – the traitorous Hideyoshi (Eiji Okuda) – Goemon sets out on a bloody path of vengeance, joined by his loyal friend, Saizo (Takao Ôsawa).

“u0026quot;Legend of Goemonu0026quot; reminded me of of u0026quot;Casshernu0026quot;, that movie was also directed by Kazuaki Kiriya. The movie is a feast for the eyes from the beginning till the end, and superior to Casshern in acting, music, story and character-development.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAlso, the budget of this movie was a mere 9 million dollars!!! u0026quot;Ninja Assassinu0026quot;, from last year, made in Hollywood, was produced on a 40 million dollar budget and is a lesser movie in all areas compared to u0026quot;Legend of Goemonu0026quot;.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI totally agree with all the positive reviews of this movie and want to only mention that if youu0026#39;re looking for a live-action anime kind of movie and you like moveis with lots of ninja-action you MUST watch legend of Goemon as soon as possible!”


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