Malibu Rescue: Die nächste Welle (2020)

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Malibu Rescue: Die nächste Welle: Directed by Savage Steve Holland. With Ricardo Hurtado, Jackie R. Jacobson, Breanna Yde, Alkoya Brunson. It’s summer again, and everyone’s favorite Junior Rescuers, The Flounders, are back at Tower 2. With the International Junior Rescue Championships headed to Southern California, the eyes of the entire planet are on Malibu Beach. But when Team USA falls victim to a bout of food poisoning, it’s up to Tyler, Dylan, Eric, Lizzie and Gina to represent their country in the world’s most extreme lifeguard challenge.

“If you thought that there was nothing worse on Netflix that is Kisses Stand 2? Well, it arrived.nA movie that follows from the original Netflix series of the same name.nUnnecessary.nAn Adventures movie.nIt is about an international rescue competition, where the US team is intoxicated and is replaced by the least fit.nQuality.nThey continue to use adults to make teen characters, which is seen out of context.nIdeal for children and adolescents who like bland jokes and flatulence, if you are that age or have watched the series you will like it, if not, avoid it.nAvoidable at all costs.”


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