Pocha: Manifest Destiny (2015)

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Pocha: Manifest Destiny: Directed by Michael Dwyer, Kaitlin McLaughlin. With Veronica Sixtos, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Roberto Urbina, Jorge A. Jimenez. Claudia, 22, gets busted for credit card fraud and deported from USA to Mexico. She returns to her estranged dad’s ranch. She’s a pocha – can’t speak Spanish. She gets involved with a drug smuggler.

“This is a great film, It is excellent and you should definitely watch it. Through this movie I was very interested and at the edge of my seat not knowing what was going to come next. This movie contains live animals and this makes me gain lots of respect for the directors for being able to work with these animals. Also the writer shows lots of emotion through the intense scenes. Thereu0026#39;s are lots of surprises especially the flame thrower who kicks ass! Also the writer wrote the main character as a female which shows the writer as very brave to do this because in most films, especially films like this the main character is a man and the writer still used a female for the lead! Through the film the relationships between characters are both shocking and interesting!! that is why this film is unique! Therefore, this is a film that is worth watching!!”


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