Die 39 Stufen (1935)

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Die 39 Stufen: Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. With Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Lucie Mannheim, Godfrey Tearle. A man in London tries to help a counter-espionage Agent. But when the Agent is killed, and the man stands accused, he must go on the run to save himself and stop a spy ring which is trying to steal top secret information.

“While I personally prefer Hitchcocku0026#39;s darker, more troubling movies, especially u0026#39;Vertigou0026#39; and u0026#39;Psychou0026#39;, as far as his straightforward thrillers go u0026#39;The 39 Stepsu0026#39; is still one of his most entertaining. The man on the run because of false accusations or u0026quot;knowing too muchu0026quot; motif may or may not have been invented here, but it certainly influenced dozens of subsequent thrillers, all the way up until contemporary movies like u0026#39;Enemy Of The Stateu0026#39; and u0026#39;Minority Reportu0026#39;. Robert Donat makes a great hero, and Madeleine Carroll is charming and funny as his reluctant partner. The chemistry and repartee between the two is something that has been copied countless times since. Some people seem to regard u0026#39;The 39 Stepsu0026#39; as a practice run for Hitchu0026#39;s later u0026#39;North By Northwestu0026#39;, but I prefer the earlier movie. It may not be complex and deep, but itu0026#39;s great fun, and full of old fashioned movie magic. A classic thriller that is still wonderfully entertaining, and should prove to be enjoyable to almost everyone who watches it. Recommended.”


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