The Eves (2012)

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The Eves: Directed by Tyler Glodt. With Matthew Albrecht, Stewart W. Calhoun, Cathy Baron, J.R. May. A group of students are en route to the beach for spring break when their car overheats near a crumbling hunting lodge, leaving them alone and defenseless while an unseen force attacks them from all sides.

“Getting stranded while on a road-trip, a group of friends follow the advice of a local to stay at a supposedly-abandoned shack in the woods, only to find itu0026#39;s actually the home to a group of demented, devout religious followers intent on saving them from their sins, forcing them into a deadly struggle to survive.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eFor the most part, this is an absolutely generic slasher in every sense of the word, as the fact that the twisted, warped views on religion provide so many agonizing moments of stupidity to come forth that it alone amounts for nearly all the filmu0026#39;s problems right there, then take into account that it follows a time-honored tradition of a group of friends getting stranded in the woods and the locals with a hidden agenda that just seems so common a set-up that, by not doing anything radically different here, it tends to feel very clichéd and repetitive after a while. Added together with the very slow and drawn-out beginning here and itu0026#39;s got a lot to overcome. Thereu0026#39;s some nice brutality in the kills and the treatment of the prisoners in a dark, intense second half filled with more confrontations and encounters that does go some way toward redeeming this one, but all that religious stuff really canu0026#39;t be overcome and drags this down a lot, for thereu0026#39;s not a lot that really overcomes a flaw like that.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eRated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and Brief Nudity.”


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