Frankenstein und die Ungeheuer aus dem Meer (1966)

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Frankenstein und die Ungeheuer aus dem Meer: Directed by Jun Fukuda. With Akira Takarada, Kumi Mizuno, Chôtarô Tôgin, Hideo Sunazuka. A teen searching for his brother stows away on a criminal’s boat that shipwrecks on Letchi island, where terrorists have enslaved the Infant Island natives. Discovering Godzilla asleep, they decide to awaken him to liberate the natives.

“This is a most unusual Godzilla flick. To be exact a low budget affair with no big city to destroy with Godzilla doing his battle on an island. The story line is a little James Bond-ish, but we know Godzilla is the reason we are watching. The story line is of no real concern as long as Godzilla does his thing.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eA group of young men take out on a sailboat in attempts to find a long lost brother shipwrecked and thought lost at sea. The would be rescue party ends up shipwrecked themselves on an island that is guarded by Ebirah, a giant mutant lobster-like creature, thus GODZILLA vs THE SEA MONSTER(USA title).Also on the island is a militia base that is producing nuclear bombs to overtake the world with. Godzilla is awakened from his nap in a cave to take on the sea monster and destroy the evil soldiers and their bomb factory.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eMy favorite scene is where Godzilla and Ebirah appear to be playing ping pong with a boulder during their showdown. Actually this is one of Godzillau0026#39;s easiest foes to whip. Maybe to help in cutting production costs.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enThe low budget was due to the fact that at the time TV viewers were lowering movie theater attendance. This did not seem to effect the popularity of this particular Godzilla outing.”


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