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Maria: Directed by Cãlin Peter Netzer. With Diana Dumbrava, Horatiu Malaele, Serban Ionescu, Luminita Gheorghiu. Based on the true story of an impoverished, unemployed mother of seven living under subhuman conditions in a cave-like basement of a block of flats in newly post-communist Romania. When her drunken husband loses his job and eventually goes away, her sad reality gets even bleaker as she struggles to support her children.

“Yes this movie can be compared to many : SOPHIEu0026#39;S CHOICE , MALENA , MAMA ROMA…….etc.The subject is universal and atemporal : How far will go a mother to save his child (her children) , to provide for him(them) ? A motheru0026#39;s love can be measured in those difficult moments of life . I liked particularly one moment in the movie when Ion ask that his children to eat first and then later he will have the dinner , this man animalized , despicable for some he puts the children first , that shows there is some humanity left in him.Also Ion is the result of a decadent society , where supposedly we are free , we are allowed to protest , even we can torch ourselves . Who cares ? Ion is losing his job , then the rest is just domino principle , snowball or whatever you wanna call it ,a series of violence , alcohol , gambling.But Maria is got a strong character , like Atlas with a huge globe on his back she is taking the responsibilities of feeding a large family , despite misery.”


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