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Sierra: Directed by Alfred E. Green. With Audie Murphy, Wanda Hendrix, Burl Ives, Dean Jagger. A tomboy frontier lawyer finds an outlaw and his son hiding out from a false murder charge.

“An Audie Murphy Western from 1950. A woman (Wanda Hendrix) gets lost in the mountains u0026amp; found by Murphy who escorts her back to his cabin blindfolded which he shares w/his father (Dean Jagger). It turns out Jagger was accused of murder years before u0026amp; rather than face an unjust punishment, he hightailed into the hills w/Murphy where they ply their trade as bronco busters as they scoop up mustangs from the wild. During a taming session, Jagger gets hurt prompting Murphy u0026amp; Hendrix (who was bitten by a snake) to go into town (using an alias so he can keep his identity safe) for medical help. Returning to the cabin, Murphy comes across some rustlers w/his wares who give him a beat-down setting up a final confrontation where Murphy (now running w/other accused desperadoes which include Tony Curtis) u0026amp; the villains vie for a large passel of mustangs. Running a scant 90 minutes (typical of Murphy fare), this film suffers from a surfeit of back story u0026amp; incident which is given short shrift but as a time filler it gets the job done. Burl Ives (most people will know him as the narrator of the perennial Christmas classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) plays Murphyu0026#39;s town contact u0026amp; gets ample opportunity to get his song on.”


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