Gregoire (2017)

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Gregoire: Directed by Cody Bown. With Morgan Taylor Campbell, Jared Abrahamson, Jedidiah Goodacre, Em Haine. Four young adults in Fort McMurray, AB, struggle to deal with the consequences of their actions and how it affects their friends and families.

“This 70u0026#39;s Spider-Man series is one of my favorites. It may not be exactly like the comics, but it was impossible to do a live action Spider-Man on 70u0026#39;s TV like the one in the comics. In those days before CGI they could have stunt men hanging by wires, the camera could be tilted, blue screen could be employed, but no matter what they tried it just wasnu0026#39;t going to look like the comics. None of that stopped Nicholas Hammond from shining though. Hammond imbued his Parker/Spider-Man with a tremendous integrity and sincerity which transcended the limitations of low tech 70u0026#39;s TV and made him a great comic book hero in the classic sense. He was honorable, compassionate, and just. I had great admiration for Hammondu0026#39;s idealistic Parker/Spider-Man as a kid. I never missed an episode. Thanks Nicholas Hammond!”


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