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Revision: Directed by Philip Scheffner. With Jürgen Siegmann, Bernd Meiners, Philip Scheffner. In 1992, two men were shot in a field near the German-Polish border. The circumstances which led to the death of Grigore Velcu and Eudache Calderar have not been clarified even today. Director Philip Scheffner investigates these strange deaths nearly 20 years later.

“Firstly we learn from this film that 15,000 people died along the EU 1985-2005 and the implication is that most are murdered by persons opposed to open immigration. The fact is the vast majority of these cases are deaths from drowning, and all but a handful of the reminder are persons who are killed negligently or intentionally killed by TRAFFICKERS — which included nowadays Europeans non profits trying to facilitate illegal immigration.nAnd in this particular tragic case one would never know from watching this u0026quot;documentaryu0026quot; that the majority of hunting accidents involving killings of third party persons in Europe are exactly this type of circumstance — boar hunters firing rifles into fields at the time immediately after harvest. Why? because 1) at 3 am it is very likely the hunters would be firing at noise and movement, and 2) bullets travel a lot further than shotgun pellets, and in a corn, wheat or barley field, there are no trees to stop the bullets. This very same area has had nighttime hunting for DECADES. Moreover the people accused had no history of being anti immigrant.nI also do not understand the film-makersu0026#39; focus on the a that Romanian authorities botched informing the relatives in Romania about the trial n Germany. This is made into some kind of smoking gun implication. but of what? The relatives were not witnesses to the event. There is literally nothing materially relevant to trial or charges that they would have offered.nIt is a shame these two men died. But they were criminal crossing the border — in a place with intensive hunting at peak hunting season. boar hunting is popular and necessary in Germany. The boars are actually feral pigs who are not natural in that habitat and who decimate crops as well. The hunt is well know in those couple of weeks it is allowed and non-hunters are not wandering around the area walking thorough someone else cornfields and ot wearing blaze orange.nEven the u0026quot;burning and plowing of the fieldu0026quot; is treated as some kind of conspiracy, when in fact he cornfield ARE burned at exactly that time. Just go to google and google up: Germany boar harvest hunting. The corn is harvested, boar hunts commence, a couple weeks later the field is burned and a day or tow after that plowed. BTW there are a few people shot from this hunting EVERY year in Germany.nThe US by contrast has less hunting shooting accidents per hunters X hours of hunting than Germany. Why? Because bird shooting is done by shotgun where projectiles go a lot shorter distance, and rifle hunting is generally confined to tree stands where because one is elevated one tens to be much more likely to be firing toward and into the ground if one misses the target.”


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