Miss Mobbing (2017)

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Miss Mobbing: Directed by Nicolas Silhol. With Céline Sallette, Lambert Wilson, Stéphane De Groodt, Violaine Fumeau. Emilie is a bright young manager in HR for a huge agro-food company. Ambitious and dedicated, she is ready to put ruthless methods into practice to meet the requirements. But one day, one of the employees commits suicide in front of her.

“Celine Sallette moves from London to Paris to a 90,000 employee corporation in Paris. Her job is to make things unpleasant so certain targetted employees would quit. One employee didnu0026#39;t quit but jumped from the compny railing. Violiene Fumeau is the inspector who will charge the company or Sallette for employee endangerment; a felony. Lambert Wilson is the horrible corporate boss. The script is excellent in its portrayal of big corporations where no one person matters; everyone is expendable. Nicolas Silhol directed and wrote the film. It shows that corporate employees have to answer their cell phones 24 hours a day. It is a horrible rat race. Great film!”


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