Bedtime Stories (2008)

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Bedtime Stories: Directed by Adam Shankman. With Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Guy Pearce, Russell Brand. A hotel handyman’s life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true.

“Normally when Adam Sandler is in more PG-13 or R rated movies you find him hilarious, because the film has extra content that makes you more prone to laugh. My first initial thought was that I would hate this movie because of the PG rating, but I will admit that this movie made me laugh a lot more than I expected. This actually might seem a little childish or kid friendly, but sometimes you have to forget about that and enjoy the movie for what it is. Also the cast co-stars Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshallu0026#39;s fame, who also delivers several laughs just like his previous performance. All in all it isnu0026#39;t as bad as you would first think. In fact it is really worth a try.”


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