Brown Girl Begins (2017)

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Brown Girl Begins: Directed by Sharon Lewis. With Mouna Traoré, Nigel Shawn Williams, Shakura S’Aida, Emmanuel Kabongo. It’s 2049 on a forsaken island off the coast of Toronto where the survival of the islanders depends on young Ti-Jeanne to risk death by a spirit so she can take her place as a caribbean priestess and save her people.

“I love this movie, I watch it all the time. When I first saw it on HBO around the time it first came out 87-88 it scared the hell out of me. The thing I think that really scared me about this movie was how in the beginning all the character seemed so innocent, so pure. then all of a sudden they started acting acting crazy, losing their minds and starting doing all these weird things. The character that frightened me the most was Frances. That whole thing about the water being contaminated freaked me out alot when I was little. After seeing this movie I was afraid to drink water for a long time. this film gave me nightmares for weeks. I would say that I was traumitized a little by this movie as a kid. I loved horror movie back then and still do. But this has to be one of the only movies that truly scared me. I finally saw this movie again a few years ago. And I wasnu0026#39;t scared of it anymore. I thought I might be. But I wasnu0026#39;t. Instead of being scared when I saw it, this time I laughed my ass off. The funniest part in the movie has to be the part when Frances plays connect th dots on cyrusu0026#39;s butt. Thats one of the coolest things Iu0026#39;ve ever seen done in a movie. I laugh everytime. So I recommend this to anyone who like cheesy 80u0026#39;s horror movies. but remember you probably wonu0026#39;t want to drink any water for a while after seeing this movie, cause i know I didnu0026#39;t. Watch this movie!”


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