Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland (2012)

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Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland: Directed by Jay Chapman. With Moshe Kasher. Oakland-bred comic and best-selling author Moshe Kasher comes back to the Bay Area in this standup special. Back on his home turf, Kasher finds comedy in these uproarious stories about the people he’s met -and how they see him

“It seems I have the honor to be the first to write a review for Moshe Kasheru0026#39;s stand-up comedy Live In Oakland. Iu0026#39;ve been watching quite alot of stand-up comedians lately, mostly new performers to me, and so was Moshe Kasher but he did a good job entertaining me. I wonu0026#39;t say heu0026#39;s my favorite stand-up comedian, by far not, but I have to admit he can bring it. He has a good stage presence, and some good interaction with the audience even though I was not a big fan of the ending. Not all of his jokes or situations were a hit but overall itu0026#39;s an hour of easy relaxing entertainment, and thatu0026#39;s all I needed.”


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