It's Christmas, Carol! (TV Movie 2012)

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It’s Christmas, Carol!: Directed by Michael M. Scott. With Emmanuelle Vaugier, Carrie Fisher, Olivia Cheng, Tygh Runyan. It’s Christmas Eve in Chicago and heartless tyrant publishing exec Carol is haunted by her dead ex boss, who’s the ghost of Christmas past, present and future.

“Another re-hash of Dickensu0026#39; classic the has some interesting points but, as Don Adams used to say in the old u0026quot;Get Smartu0026quot; TV series, u0026quot;Missed it by that muchu0026quot;. I am a u0026quot;Carolu0026quot; lover and I own more than 20 versions so I can comment on this with a clear conscience. The idea of having Eve, Carolu0026#39;s old (and dead) boss take the place of Marley is understandable. The idea of her also taking the place of the three ghosts is less so. As in all the re-tellings of the story the protagonist, Carol, is Scrooge-like and pretty well hated by all the people who work for her. Again she sees the past, present and future but, unlike other tellings she doesnu0026#39;t gradually realize how nasty she is until the last moment and then she suddenly switches and is a nice person. This alone makes her transformation less than believable. Not a really bad movie, but it lacks the heart of several of the other versions. For the best see the Alastair Sim version with the George C. Scott and Patrick Stewart versions running a close second.”


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