Unstoppable (2004)

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Unstoppable: Directed by David Carson. With Wesley Snipes, Jacqueline Obradors, Stuart Wilson, Kim Coates. Dean has PTSD after a wet-job gone bad in Bosnia. Waiting for his police girlfriend at a diner, some bad guys inject him with a hallucinogen. It sends him back to traumatic experiences in Bosnia and he reacts violently.

“Before I start about this movie, I know many of you would like to direct your blame at Wesley, maybe not for just this movie but a lot of turkeys heu0026#39;s been making recently (Zig Zag, 7 seconds, The Marksman, Liberty stands still). Anyway he deserves blame in this film for not having more involvement on the script, which gets a bit silly. The movie is by no far means the worst movie Iu0026#39;ve seen; you just have to see another Snipes movie, u0026quot;7 secondsu0026quot; to do that! And at least unstoppable has strong performances from Snipes himself and the gorgeous Jacqueline Obradors. Its just the budget of this movie is clear to see, and the storyline is wafer thin with many loose ends not explained, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays an agent for the CIA named Junod, you may all remember him as Adebisi in the greatest TV show ever, OZ. Here he portrays a high ranking officer within the CIA with the worst American western style accent ever heard; there are even pauses during his dialogue for him to put the accent on. There are a few good fight scenes, like the scene in the Diner when Dean Cage (Snipesu0026#39;s character) beats down his attacker, and the chase to hunt him down is mildly enjoyable hence the generous maybe biased 5 out of ten I gave it. Stuart Wilson does a good job as the bad guy, but why he doesnu0026#39;t kill his bumbling henchmen especially Kim Coates character puts a big question mark on his characters ruthlessness. The story stumbles into the final scenes with so much predictability you feel like Deja vu. If you havenu0026#39;t enjoyed a decent performance from our dear friend Wesley since Jungle Fever or even Rising Sun, then donu0026#39;t expect it here, in fact who knows if weu0026#39;ll ever see another classic Wesley Snipes movie, now that he seems to make low budget straight to video fodder……..watch only if itu0026#39;s on TV and nothing better is on”


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