Strength in Numbers (2012)

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Strength in Numbers: Directed by Ian Dunn, Jonathan Schramm. With Graham Agassiz, Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton. Strength in Numbers is a rally call to connect all mountain bikers, regardless of location or language or discipline. Tire to ground, foot to pedal, hand to bar – communities drawn together by trails of dirt.

“Being french and a film maker myself, I have high standards for ratings, and this one definitely deserves in 10/10. Iu0026#39;ve not seen a film showing our world with such humour in a long time. The jokes are absurd and possibly, with a touch of British humour to them. The directing is beautiful, the acting is incredible, the shots are somehow truthful, if I can say that about a shot. It may be Omar Syu0026#39;s first time in a leading role, for a major production, but he really delivered, and not just in the funny parts, the delivery of emotions was just spotless. Francois Cluzet was also just as brilliant, as he usually is. I will be recommending this film to everyone, and seriously hoping it will be released in the UK soon enough for me to see it again! Only negative aspect… the Americans are thinking of doing a remake… why do they always have to? I mean would you reconsider remaking the u0026quot;Jocondeu0026quot; or the Sixtine Chapel to American standards? Film is an art like any other, it travels the world as it is… no need for remakes…”


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