House Arrest (2019)

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House Arrest: Directed by Samit Basu, Shashanka Ghosh. With Ali Fazal, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Jim Sarbh, Barkha Singh. A world-weary man’s self-imposed home confinement becomes a comedy of errors with the simultaneous arrivals of a peculiar package and a curious journalist.

“I must admit, after episode 4 which was so highly praised and which didnu0026#39;t lived up to its fame, for me at least I was very skeptical about this show and about where this show was heading. Having watched episode 5 things however turned arround 180° for me.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis episode was phenomenal, to simply put it. The amount of social commentary in this episode for instance was insane. So many of the choices the characters make made you ask yourself questions about your life and what would you have done in their place, or simply put would you have done the same or something different? Then there is the continuation of the mistery of the killer and who actually is, although Iu0026#39;ve suspecting that from the first scene of the show. Iu0026#39;m still fascinated about who he is or who will the show suggest he was and how this arc would wrap up. Next there are the characters who are played exceptionally well by even the most unimportant character. It is one of the fewest shows that made me understand the characters, their choices and relate to them, outside LOST which did that perfectly btw. This is achieved in a pretty similar way in which LOST did that. And that is through a fragmented structured narative, in which you see the charactersu0026#39; choices in the past in the nearest past and in the present. That made not only interested in them but made me also understand them and where they are coming from. The last but not the least thing that made this episode great for me was that the episode barely lost any time and was straight to the point, simply developing the plot and the characters at the same time without introducing new past for the characters we knew nothing about (see episode 4) or new characters that would be later droped instantly (again episode 4).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIn the end, everything episode 4 did wrong, this episode did right, fantastic performances, great character study, phenomenal social commentary and quick plot progression. Everything that makes a great episode in my opinion. 10/10”


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