The Long Shadow (2019)

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The Long Shadow: Directed by Daniel Lafrentz. With Teri Wyble, Aasha Davis, Tess Harper, Terence Rosemore. A young female Sheriff’s Deputy in rural Louisiana takes on her town’s old money establishment when the woman she loves – an attorney fighting to stop a rail deal that threatens to displace the town’s poor – is murdered.

“I found this movie to have a smooth introduction to the town and backstory leading into the pretense of the saga. It built up nicely with different events and sequences that captivated with anticipation to see what comes next (so many to detail). Although the cinematography was a bit dark it led nicely to the atmosphere of the film as well. Several scenes were also gripping with the emotional intensity as you can feel the anger, frustration, sorrow etc. Portrayed (also too many to elaborate). I have and will continue to recommend this film and must give major props to Aasha Davis for a role that must have been challenging for her but she did it incredibly!”


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