The Passion of Martin (1991)

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The Passion of Martin: Directed by Alexander Payne. With Holgie Forrester, Charley Hayward, Joe Marinelli, Lauren Tuerk. A lonely photographer gradually develops a rather unhealthy obsession with a young woman he once met by sheer chance.

“Alexander Payneu0026#39;s (Election) black comedy student film about Martin, a 30-something photographer who has made it his life quest to find his soulmate. After seeing a girl admiring his work in a gallery, he runs into her again at a photo shoot for a wedding. The two hit it off, but Martin becomes puzzled when she leaves before he wakes up the next morning. From there we get a peak inside Martinu0026#39;s psyche, as he cannot comprehend why she hasnu0026#39;t made a life-long commitment to Martin after one date. Brilliant performance by Charley Hayward (Poison Ivy) as Martin. Written and directed by Payne, The Passion of Martin is a dead-on depiction of obsession and someone feels when the love of your life is unrequited. Definitely (if you can find it) worth seeing if you enjoyed Election.”


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