Quatermain und der Schatz des König Salomon (TV Mini Series 2004)

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Quatermain und der Schatz des König Salomon: With Patrick Swayze, Alison Doody, Roy Marsden, John Standing. An adventurous quest for a treasure hidden in King Solomon’s mines, based on H. Rider Haggard’s timeless tale.

“If you a purist, donu0026#39;t waste your time – otherwise, hold onto your hat and enjoy the adventure. I loved the Stewart Granger/Deborah Kerr version – Iu0026#39;ve seen it dozens of times, but this film is every bit as good, only different. I wonu0026#39;t detail the differences because it would spoil the film. Also, it is a pleasure to see Alison Doody again (Iu0026#39;m a huge Indiana Jones fan), Patrick Swayze is good as Quatermain, and the supporting cast is superb. I find the quality of the supporting cast one of the trademarks of a Hallmark Production and this film was no exception. The cinematography is splendid and the score is perfect. If you are looking for entertainment, you wonu0026#39;t be disappointed.”


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