Auf der Suche nach Jimmy Hoyt (1994)

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Auf der Suche nach Jimmy Hoyt: Directed by Sam Henry Kass. With Holt McCallany, Michael Badalucco, Nicholas Turturro, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini. Les is making a film about his old neighborhood in Brooklyn. One-eye Jimmy goes missing and Les switches to making a film about Jimmy and the people searching.

“All the reviews of this movie slam it, but they are missing the point – if you look at it from the point of view of the characters involved, and try to se things as they would, you would love it! The film maker is like every film maker and news reporter I have ever met, eager for a ground breaking story, hoping against hope that Jimmy turns up dead, because it will make great cinema! The other characters are a lot like some people I know – they seem to resemble young high school drop outs, who are just milling around, looking for ways to make cash! When Jimmy goes missing, they all half heartedly look for him, not really caring whether he shows up or not, and the results are hilarious! This film is a rare gem, well worth seeing! Steve Buscemi and Samuel L Jackson carry the movie, and those two make it worth seeing for them alone! A great movie!”


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