Hotel mit Herz (TV Movie 2014)

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Hotel mit Herz: Directed by Kevin Connor. With Adam Mayfield, Arielle Kebbel, Haylie Duff, Sean O’Bryan. Tom Campbell joined the US army after breaking up with Chelsea, who meanwhile became mayor of his coastal California home town. Tom returns to the town to run his grandmother’s Bu0026B “Cupid’s” while she’s in hospital, hoping to become a professional bodyguard afterward with his army buddy Steve. However, his grandmother dies. Saving her legacy proves a nightmare, as she delayed crucial repairs and has enormous tax arrears. The regional tycoon’s ambitious son Jerry, Chelsea’s fiancé, bids on the Bu0026B because he knows about a planned road which would make it a perfect mall location. Tom falls in love with the local girl, who is about to succeed his kinsman Kip Caldwell as chief of police.

“One of so many Hallmark films, superficial, nice and predictable. An inn in financial problems. A nephew and his late grandmother. The huge pressure, the romance and the difficult decision. And, sure, the solution. Enough for fans. So, not easy to define it as good or bad. Only nice , first for the performance of Arielle Kebbel. In rest, romance in huge portions, fake drama and Jonathan Benett in a sketch of role..”


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